When Cheaper Is More Expensive: Surface Mail

Hi guys, happy new year!

Sometimes we are asked if we can ship surface mail as well. Why not? Of course, we can.

The thing is you should be noted that it takes much longer than you expected.

Here we bring some real examples.

  1. To India

This package has been shipped to India on Oct 06, 2020 but no more update since Oct 28, 2020. (Today is Jan 06, 2021).

Surface mail package from Korea to India, it normally takes 3+ months.

2. To Brazil

Two years ago, it took totally about 6.5 month for a package to get Brazil.

Since we were not able to bring the screenshot of its delivery result since the tracking number was expired, here we brought another example.

As below, a package left Korea on Oct 19, 2017, and final delivery was done on Feb 08, 2028. It took about four months in total.

3. To Canada

To Canada, it took about 2~3 months even before covid-19. For this one, it was shipped heading to Canada on Mar 19, 2020 and afterwards, there were no more update for about two months. (Apr 20, 2020~Jun 14, 2020). Most of you must be wondering if the package is missing or not in this period, but please note that there is no way to check about it. Neither Korea Post nor Canada Post can help us: what you can do is just to wait for the next update.

4. To Japan

For Japan, we don't worry that much regarding surface mail since we are aware that it normally takes 25~40 days without any specific issue.

No update between Sep 26~Oct 07 but it got the destination on Oct 08!

No update from Nov 09 till Dec 03, but no worries, it got the recipient's address on Dec 07.

5. To Taiwan

To Taiwan, it usually takes about 2~3 months since before covid-19.

This package was shipped on Nov 20, 2020 but got Taiwan Jan 05, 2021. It is still on the way!

6. To Spain

FYI, today is Jan 06, 2021, we found no update since Sep 28, 2020, and even what makes you feel frustrated is that it says the tracking number is 'expired'! For surface mail heading to Spain, it is very ordinary case, so no worries! It means it is still on the way to your country and once it gets the 'continent😂', the tracking result turns to be valid again, only the thing is it takes about 4~6 months. In our experiences, sometimes it took only 2~3 months frorm KR to SP when you were lucky!

Hopefully it helps you understand how the surface mail service flows simply.


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