How to track EMS PREMIUM delivery

Hi :) Today we are going to introduce the way how to track EMS PREMIUM delivery online.

[1] 17TRACK

Visit and enter the tracking number starting with 'UP'


For english, please visit here:

1. Click [Track/Confirm]

2. Enter the tracking number in the blank and click 'search'

3. Now you can see the delivery status :)


1. Visit and enter the tracking number.

2. Since EMS PREMIUM is conducted by UPS, you can see the tracking result on the UPS tracking system. If you want to change the language, please click the globe icon and select the language you want. (Please note: To track the ems premium package, setting language as korean is recommended, since tracking gets failure on english mode.)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.


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